Fun Facts About Champagne

Did You Know:
A champagne cork leaves the bottle at a velocity of approximately 38-40 mph., 
but can pop out at as fast as 100 mph.

The longest champagne cork flight in the world was 177 feet, 9 inches
This record was set by American Heinrich Medicus in New York in 1988.

Dom Perignon is often credited as being the creator of sparkling Champagne but the truth is,
he spent much of his time trying to eradicate bubbles because he believed sparkling wine was the drink of immoral people, and that bubbles were a fault. He did, however, put many practices into place in the vineyard and the winery that increased the quality and reputation of the wine from the Champagne region, and developed a process which enabled him to make a consistantly high quality white wine from red grapes. Many of Dom Perignon’s developments are still used today.

Side Note: Yeasts were not yet understood at the time, so when fermentation stopped due to the cold winter weather in Champagne, it was believed that it was complete. In the springtime, when the temperatures warmed up, fermentation would start again, sometimes after the wine had already been shipped or bottled, forming bubbles in the wine, causing bottles to burst!