How to Store Sparkling Wine and Champagne

Don’t keep a bottle of champagne chilled in the refrigerator for more that a month waiting for the perfect occasion to celebrate — by the time you do, it may not taste very good. Not only can it adopt flavors and odors in your fridge, fluorescent lights can have an adverse effect on your wines, especially sparkling wines. Exposure for too long causes it to become "light struck" and it can both smell and taste like cardboard.

Because exposure to sun and heat can destroy sparkling wine, it may be worth making the investment to purchase a wine chiller. However, because sparkling wine bottles are larger than standard still wine bottles, it may only hold only 30 or 40 instead of 60 so be sure to find one that also has adjustable racks. If buying a wine cooler is not an option, storage in a dark dry cellar or a closet on a side of the house that does not get much exposure to the sun can work very well as long as it remains at a constant temperature and does not fluctuate above 45°F which is the optimal temperature for both serving and storage sparkling wines.