Unexpected Fun Food Pairs Well with Equinox

Dry sparkling wine pairs well with a number of casual fun foods.

Try This

Try an exotic but simple combo of ruffled potato chips with a dab of caviar or a bite of freshly buttered popcorn.  Take a small sip of wine and let it sit on your tongue.  Bite into the chip or popcorn and take a second sip.  Focus on the dry fruit flavor of the wine as it washes over the rich butter and salt from front to back on your palate.  The carbonation and higher acid levels and yeast in the sparkling wine clean the salt from your palate and balance the richer flavors while adding more interesting textures and flavor nuances.

Better Yet
pair a dry sparkling wine with dark chocolate truffles (what doesn’t go well with chocolate!) and be amazed at how both elements tease out delicate layers of flavor that expand and blossom in your mouth to create a rich, bright bold and altogether unexpected flavor profile.  It’s like having a party in your mouth!

Always Great With These:
Fresh strawberries, oysters in the half-shell, Pecorino Romano or any other hard salty cheese, blue cheese spread on sour dough bread garnished with a wedge of pear or carmelized onion.  But, the best of all is a sweet passionate kiss from the one you love.